This app can create a dress based on your personality

Google has teamed up with H&M’s digital fashion house Ivyrevel to create dresses inspired by phone users’ personal data.

The project, called `Coded Couture’, uses an Android app designed to monitor multiple aspects of a user’s lifestyle, including travel routes, dinner spots, daily routine, and the weather around them. This information is gathered over the course of a week, and used to create a ‘Data Dress’ starting at $99 (approx. Rs 6,670).

The app, which isn’t yet available, uses the Awareness API Google unveiled at its IO developer conference last year.It gathers data from a phone’s sensors, and is capable of working out whether the user is walking or driving, and if their headphones are plugged in, as well as their location.

However, users will be able to specify what style of dress they want, such as one for formal events, parties or work.The app is currently in a closed beta stage, but will be launched later this year. However, with Google recently being ordered to comply with FBI search warrants for Gmail users’ data stored outside the US, consumers might want to be wary about how much of their personal information they share.

Source : The Times of India (Delhi)