6 Things Successful People Do Right Before Bed

1 They read

Experts agree that reading is the very last thing most successful people do before going to sleep -President Barack Obama and Bill Gates are known to read for at least half an hour before bed.

Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author says he knows numerous business leaders who block off time just before bed for reading, going so far as to schedule it as a “non negotiable item“ on their calendar. “This isn’t necessarily reserved just for business reading or inspirational reading. Many successful people find value in being browsers of information from a variety of sources, believing it helps fuel greater creativity and passion in their lives,“ he says.

2 They unplug completely

Researchers agree that any kind of screen-time before bed does you far more harm than good. If you don’t believe the research, take it from Huffington Post c ofou nder, pr e sident , and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington. After collapsing from exhaustion, Huffington completely revamped her ap proach to sleep, and as she details in her book Thrive, she has completely banned iPads, Kindles, laptops, and any other electronics from the bedroom.

3 They keep a hygiene ritual

The National S l e e p Foundation recommends you create a hygiene ritual that sends a psychological signal that you are getting ready for bed. This can include brushing your teeth, washing your face, flossing, combing your hair.Stephen King’s nightly routine includes washing his hands and making sure all the pillows face a certain way.

4 They go for an evening stroll

Joel Gascoigne, cofounder and CEO of Buffer, takes a 20-minute walk every evening before bed. “This is a wind down period, and allows me to evaluate the day’s work, think about the greater challenges, g r a d u a l ly s t o p t hi n ki ng about work, and reach a state of tiredness,“ he writes in a blog post.

W h i l e i t ‘s a popular belief t h at exer ci s e before bed can 4 prevent sleep, the National Sleep Foundation actually found in 2013 that exercising whenever you can, even at night, helps you sleep better. Numerous stud ies have also found walking to reduce stress and anxiety.

5 They reflect on the good things from the day

It’s easy to fall into t he t rap of re playing negative situations from t h e d ay t h at you wish you had ha nd led d i f f e r e n t l y.

Regardless of how badly the day went, successful people typically manage to avoid that pessimistic spiral of negative self-talk because they know it will only create more stress.Benjamin Franklin famously asked himself the same self-improvement question every night: “What good have I done today?“

6 They make a to-do list

Clearing the mind for a good night sleep is critical for a lot of successful people. Kerr says, “Often they will take this time to write down a list of any unattended items to address the following day, so these thoughts don’t end up invading their head space during the night.“

For example, Kenneth Chenault, CEO of American Express, writes down three things he wants to accomplish the next day.

Source: The Economic Times


Neeraj; an entrepreneur & a visionary in the field of Railway, Defense & Automobiles, is a graduate in commerce and a Harvard Business School Alumni. He’s an expert in govt. liasoning & contracting and has an exceptional network & connections at both local as well as global level. He’s an expert in Market Strategy & Planning and has served number of overseas companies as an advisor/consultant. He takes a profound interest in upcoming startups & is very receptive towards ground-breaking ideas & innovations. He likes to brainstorm those ideas and if the values & philosophies matches; he is even ready to invest his resources, serve as a mentor or act as an incubator to futuristic businesses.

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