Beam Me up, Ramu!

Myshkin Ingawale is building `i2u2′ robot that detects faces and gestures
It’s not quite Star Trek technology with which Scotty beams captain Kirk up to the Starship. But Bengaluru-based Myshkin Ingawale is building a robot which comes close.“How cool is having your own personal robot in the house,“ asks Ingawale, who has worked as a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), cofounded a startup and was also part of phone maker Xiaomi’s launch team in India.

Ingawale calls the 2-feet tall robot i2u2, after R2-D2, the robot character in George Lucas’ Sci-Fi movie Star Wars. It allows the user to log into it from any device and take control of it from around the world.

The robot which moves around the house on wheels, can also detect faces and gestures. “It can go find a person in a room or fig ure out simple gestures like a yes or no,“ said Ingawale, who was one of the researchers who helped build the Copenhagen Wheel at the MIT. The wheel, an add-on to your bicycle, can convert it into an electric hybrid vehicle. “If someone at home is mis sing you, they could just tap the robot on the head and you’d get a buzz on your phone,“ he said. “It was just some thing I built for our families to talk but we got a lot of interest from people,“ said Ingawale.

The i2u2 is priced at . 24,999 and was first de ` signed by Ingawale to sim ply talk to his 2-year-old son Abhimanyu and family while his work took him to various parts of the world.

“You could be sitting in New York and playing with your son in your house in Mumbai,“ said Ingawale who plans to ship 100 of these robots this December for Christmas.

An 8-member team in Bengaluru and New York are working on the product currently . In October, Ingawale’s company , 1MoreThing, plans to take in more pre-orders after shipping the first batch of robots.

Researchers around the world have built and tested humanoid robots for decades now. However, they aren’t yet mainstream consumer devices. Most recently , Japanese conglomerate SoftBank launched Pepper -a robot which could read emotions and sells for about $1,931.Pepper, 4-feet, 28-kilogram robot running on Lithium-ion battery can analyse voices as well as expressions.

Ingawale doesn’t want to stop at building a telepresence robot. The product will have the ability to remotely control things at home in the future, he said.

Source: The Economic Times



Neeraj; an entrepreneur & a visionary in the field of Railway, Defense & Automobiles, is a graduate in commerce and a Harvard Business School Alumni. He’s an expert in govt. liasoning & contracting and has an exceptional network & connections at both local as well as global level. He’s an expert in Market Strategy & Planning and has served number of overseas companies as an advisor/consultant. He takes a profound interest in upcoming startups & is very receptive towards ground-breaking ideas & innovations. He likes to brainstorm those ideas and if the values & philosophies matches; he is even ready to invest his resources, serve as a mentor or act as an incubator to futuristic businesses.

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