ET By Invite – Startups, Listen to the Doorbell

Only way of doing business is honestly: Ex HCL Tech CEO
There is only one way of doing business. Honestly . Actually there is only one way of doing anything. Honestly.This principle was ignored by a few in a hurry to the top because the cost of getting caught was far lower than the benefits of getting away with it.

Thus few gave into the temptation of taking the short cut surrounded with obliging group of advisors, consultants and employees who drew the line of ethics as per `convenience’. This created a false sense of security that was bound to be snatched away one day , be it Enron in US or Satyam in India.

The costs and chances of getting caught have also significantly increased now. Employees demand more transparency and higher ethical standards from their leaders. They will not watch a hand in the cookie jar and keep quiet.

Consumers are smart ­­ they can cut through the marketing slogans and postures and see you for what you do and not what you say. The Satyam verdict is also a timely doorbell for many startup entrepreneurs. Go easy on jugaad and other fancy words for short cuts.

Build your life and not just your business on strong core values combined with pride and passion or ethical results.

Your employees and customers would love you not for what you do, but how you do it and that will create the magic for you.

A few Satyams should not take us away from applauding many business leaders who have build businesses and built India on sound ethical principles-they are the ones who should occupy our headlines and for the right reasons. We all aspire to see India as a $10-trillion economy .

We need leaders who have bold aspirations, innovative ideas and demonstrate transparency , fairness and high ethical standards.Those leaders are India’s future and they should be celebrating today , as there is only one way of doing business. Honestly .

 Source: The Economic Times


Neeraj; an entrepreneur & a visionary in the field of Railway, Defense & Automobiles, is a graduate in commerce and a Harvard Business School Alumni. He’s an expert in govt. liasoning & contracting and has an exceptional network & connections at both local as well as global level. He’s an expert in Market Strategy & Planning and has served number of overseas companies as an advisor/consultant. He takes a profound interest in upcoming startups & is very receptive towards ground-breaking ideas & innovations. He likes to brainstorm those ideas and if the values & philosophies matches; he is even ready to invest his resources, serve as a mentor or act as an incubator to futuristic businesses.

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